• Collection part of  CAMERA LUCIDA Exhibition by Assambalge School of Contemporary Jewelry presented  at:

  • Camera Lucida Romania 2017
  • JOYA Barcelona 2017
  • EuroFestCultura Brusseles 2018


The last living World War One veteran passed away six years ago, the way we experience this war now is shaped by what was written, what we see and hear in the photos and videos taken at that time.Low-quality black and white photos wich show only a small part of what actually meant this event and what damages has done for the population at that time.

After 100 years we are still trying to match names with the fallen people faces, puzzle the missing pieces and spread their story.

Remembering them makes them whole, us, our brothers and sisters, our own stories.As time passes, our remembrance will make their figures fade or vibrate,dissolve or form just like liquid metal.•


Ceramic//Sterling Silver//Paint

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